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PROGRESS - my crochet project log

Wisteria Shawl

Nov 2006crochetwool ~$20longishgifted

This shawl was actually made last fall as a Christmas gift for my expecting sister-in-law. And then I -- can you believe it? -- gave it a fancy name and wrote a formal pattern for it. It should give you some idea of how not-as-easy-as-I-thought-it-would-be writing up this pattern was when I say that her baby is now 6 months old!

But though it was monumentally delayed, finally, I have my first pattern for sale! Okay, I know, every request for a pattern I've ever gotten has been for a cardigan or a skimpy top, but I had to start somewhere, and sizing still scares me. Not that math, I'm actually pretty good at math for a lit major. Just that I know that proportions change as people get bigger or smaller and I'm not confident that I understand enough about that to figure out how sizing is going to be effected. But we'll worry about that later. First I'd like to see some interest in this simple pattern before I invest the time and hair-pulling into coming up with something fancier.

Meanwhile, let's see, what do I remember about working on this project? First the knit picks fingering weight merino yarn was a joy to work with. So soft, so fine and yet also surprisingly warm. And the stitch patterns, though they might look fancy to a beginner, are actually really easy to memorize and to do while watching tv or the like. It did take a long time because there are upteen gazillion stitches needed to make an 8 foot long shawl using 1540 yards of yarn. But it felt like it was going quickly.

And now, I guess I just sit back and wait to see if anyone else wants to give this a go!