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White Vest

Dec 2004crochetacrylic< $10mediumno. frogged.

This one's slated for frogging, assuming I can talk myself into it when the moment comes. It's a shame, because really, it's close. The pattern (meadow stitch, from Complete Encyclopedia of Stitchery) is really pretty and when you look at it on the floor or on a hanger, it doesn't look half bad. But I hate how dopey it looks when tried on. Also, in addition to not being a poncho person, I don't think I'm a vest person. If I'm cold enough that I want a sweater, I need my arms to be warm too. I was hoping that I'd be able to side-step that by wearing it over other things, but see above, ugly. The collar in particular displeases me, but really the whole bulgy sack look is not working for me. Not that everything has to be form fitting, but there's a certain clean-lined style to thick non-descript clothing that this piece is just somehow lacking. I considered just adding sleeves, but I don't think that's gonna fix my basic problems with the rest of it.

Still, I don't regret the time spent working on it, it was my first attempt at free-forming a garment (I actually started from that horizontal line around the bust -- center of the closeup above -- and worked my way down, and then flipped it over and worked upwards to finish the yoke/collar), and a nice introduction to Carron's Simply Soft, which I enjoyed working with and will most likely purchase again. And hopefully, it'll frog all easily and peacefully like, and emerge as a better looking sweater. I already have a pattern in mind.

UPDATE (6/8/2005) The top half and border of this vest has now become the back of my white waves cardigan. Stay tuned for the fate of the bottom half...