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White Simply Soft Shrug

Aug 2005crochetacrylic< $10quicknot frequently

This is the 3rd form this particular batch of white simply soft has taken, and let me just say that I am heartily sick of it. But I still feel virtuous for not letting it moulder as stash-fodder.

This yarn's first incarnation was as the body of a vest I made back in December of 2004 that I was unhappy with. I frogged the vest, and the top part of it became part of my white waves cardigan. The bottom portion was just a straight rectangle with no shaping, so as I had been reading a lot of patterns on-line for shrugs that start with a rectangle with edges partially sewn to form sleeves, I put it aside unfrogged, intending to get back to it and try that out. I eventually did, and it didn't take long to go around the edges and add a brief little body to it (see inset photo) . But something about the way I did it, or the nature of trying to get a rectangular piece of material to fit a non-rectangular body was screwy. There was this hump right behind the neck where the edge was tighter than the material immediatly below it, and the back poofed out just below the arms too. In short, it was along the lines I wanted, but it didn't quite fit right. Already sick of the white, I tossed it aside for another few months.

Finally, this August, while waiting for an on-line order of yarn to come in, I frogged it and had another go. This time, I made the sleeves separately, with decreases at the top to shape them more like I'm used to fabric sleeves being shaped. On the inset illustration, the left piece is what the sleeve looks like flattened out, and the right one is the sleeve folded, with the fold on the far right.

[NOTE TO SELF: ch 50; R1-26: 15 motifs; R27: decrease by 1; R29: decrease by 1; R30: DC in every other V; R31-32: 6 motifs; R33-34: 5 motifs; R35-36: 4 motifs. motif=V stitch on odd rows, 3DC shell on even rows. Sew up the side to R19 to form sleeve.]

Then I connected the top back corner of one sleeve to the top back corner of the other sleeve with a chain, and started working my way down between the shoulder blades, increasing each row and attaching each to the next segment of sleeve to make a trapezoid bridging piece. It was a little awkward to do it that way. Next time, I think I'll try working the sleeves and the trapezoid at the same time, or working the trapezoid separately and sewing it in.

Anyway, after I reached the armpits that way, I tied off and restarted my row at the top front corner of one of the sleeves, going all the way down it, under the arm seam, across the bottom of the trapezoid back, under the other arm seam and up to the other sleeve's top front corner. Kept doing that till I had the length I wanted, then added a more lacy decorative stitch along the bottom edge, then a final row of shells all along the bottom edge and neck, and voila done.

I like the design/shape, I'm not crazy about the yarn choice and weight. It positively screams cheap acrylic, and it seems too thick for the style of cut. Also I think I made the body a row or two too long, the lacy part should have kicked in right at/above my waist on the back. Still, I think I learned a lot, and it didn't cost me anything additional, so, not a total wash.