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PROGRESS - my crochet project log

Rose Bikini

June 2006knit/crochetcotton/elastic $5.5quickmaybe

This one was a mad dash to complete before my July 1 vacation, and after I got back, I forgot all about writing details and now I've pretty much just plain forgotten most of them. But here's what I can dredge up over 2 months later...

The top is entirely crochet. I did the same basic thing I did here, except I didn't make the bottom part go so far down, just a little edging. I think the edging is just a couple of rows from the "Sultan Stitch" in Barden's Crochet Stitch Bible; v stitches on one row, 4-dc fans on the next. And then I may have added another row of chains and sc's to give more of a scallop.

The top part took up very nearly an entire skein of the elann esprit thread -- which by the way, is wonderful, soft and sproingy, easy to work with, pretty color. Knowing I was going to need to cover rather more real-estate to manage a bottom out of the other skein I had, I switched to knit and only did the edges in crochet. Even so, I barely made it. I didn't use a pattern, I just tried to match the shape of an exisiting swimsuit. Then I sewed in a lining to make it more opaque.

The elastic in the Esprit definitely makes a difference; when wet, it actually didn't sag noticeably, or seem like to fall off -- at least not for the 20 minutes I had it on in the relative privacy of my parents backyard pool. The color became a really pretty dark red when it was wet, which I was not expecting, though in retrospect I should have guessed.