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PROGRESS - my crochet project log

Ribbon Afghan


I started this afghan the day after Christmas, and actually made decent progress, but then stalled out in Feb because continuing required a trip to Wal-mart for one last skein of green, and it just kept not happening. But I finally got up there, and a week later, tada! it's 48x53" (54"x59" including ruffle) so not gigantic, but not tiny either. It's my first afghan ever.

Considering how very little planning I did and how many midstream changes I made, it's a miracle it turned out as well as it did. I started with Easy Openwork Crochet Afghan @ joann.com, which is just the waves part (SC,HDC,DC,TR,DC,HDC,SC ad nauseum, and the next row, you offset so that the SC from the current row goes into the TR from the previous row, so you get nested waves). I decided to do that in green, and separate with a row of HDC in variated. Well, after 4 rows of that I was starting to border on bored, plus it just seemed like too solid a fabric to have much drape. So I somehow managed to improvise the first row of holes based on the shape of what I had so far by making chain 5s, anchored with SCs in the TRs. Then I HDC's over those with variated and started the whole thing all over again. But it still seemed to be missing something, so next time around, after the row of holes, I did another wave row and then an all-green row of holes, then another wave, back to variated holes, and then back to a group of green waves with multicolored HDC rows. Repeated this in symmetry to the end.

The winging of the edging was a bit less successful, but in the end turned out better than I'd feared. I stole a bit of a doily pattern, not realizing how much it was going to ruffle when applied to a straight edge, and then tried to rein it in a bit with rows of hdcs, finished off by tiny scallops of 3 chains anchored every other stitch.

Wal-mart mainstays is not a particularly soft yarn, but I've found it to be perfectly adequate as far as an afghan goes. I've heard that it softens up considerably after a thorough machine washing with fabric softener, so I'll probably try that eventually, but so far it hasn't seemed worth dragging myself and a towering pile of quarters down to the laundry room to experiment.