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PROGRESS - my crochet project log

Rather Snug Red Wool-ease Pullover

Jan 2005knitwool/acyrlic< $10mediumyes

I know -- another red sweater, already? Couldn't be helped. Jo-ann's was having a $1.77 wool-ease sale, and the only one of the very few colors they had in stock that actually appealed to me was cranberry. So I bought three. And set about taking another try at the gray pull-over, but smaller and without the fair-isle accents. Everything I've knitted up to this point has come out a bit over-sized, as I'm always paranoid about not being able to get into things and have problems wrapping my head around how much more knit fabric stretches than crochet fabric, so this time I was determined not to err on the side of caution. So yeah, it's, um, snug. Not uncomfortably so, thankfully, but it probably stetches a bit over much across the bust. Yeah, take a minute to marvel at that concept. Fortunately the accompanying see-through-ness doesn't show when I wear a tank top of the same color underneath it.

So I measured, and a vacillated, and I doodled and vacillated some more, and finally decided to cast on 100 stitches on size 9 needles. Did 3 inches of ribbing (about 18 rows). At which point it looked really ridiculously small for a garment for a grown woman, but I tried it on and it did stretch over me, so I took a deep breath and continued in kind. I did three sets of 6 rows in which I decreased by 4 stitches on the 6th row only. Then 22 rows straight, followed by an increase row. Then two more sets of 6 rows with the 6th an increase row. Worked more straight rows until the whole thing measured 15 inches. Then I did the back, binding off 4 on each side, then 2, then decreasing twice and working straight till the height looked about right, followed by some staggered casting off (3 stitches at a time) to shape the shoulders. I picked up one half of the front and replicated the same shaping from the back around the armholes, and to shape the neck, just decreased a stitch every other row until it looked right. Replicated on the other half and sewed up the shoulders. The sleeves were done the same way as the gray ones and the ones for the last red sweater were, on size-7-ish (dowel rod!) dpns.

I wasn't actually planning on the neck-line I got, but I rather like it. Because the number of stitches I had when I started doing the top shaping was less than it was when I was doing the gray one, by the time I'd done similar arm/neck shaping, I was left with a much narrower band of material. When I attached the tightish sleeves to them, got pulled outwards and stretched the neck into more of a scoop than a V. Which I liked, so I decided to just go with the flow and knitted the neck band on in a round. With dpns I might add. Yes, I think me and dpns are finally beginning to be good friends. I might even try socks or gloves one of these days.

So, it's comfy, it was cheap, reasonably quick and easy and I love the color. I think I need to maybe pay a little more attention to my finishing techniques now that I'm finally managing a more consistant guage. Good goal for next time. Meanwhile, I've decided I need to find some smaller projects and use up some more left-overs before buying more yarn for a full-sized item, so expect hats and the like in the nearish future.