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Pink Baby Cardigan

Fev 2009knitwool/acyrlic blend$2fastdefinitely

It finally occurred to me that a v-neck would result in less neckline-baby-chewage, and so I decided to give that a whirl. Originally, I was going to do some colorwork on the body of the sweater. I actually did most of the body twice before concluding that the colors that had looked so nice together as full skeins just weren't doing it for me knit together. So I ripped this all out:

And went back and did just plain stockinette, followed by a k2p2 ribbing on all the edges. Plain as can be, but I like it anyway. And now that I've done this exercise, I think I'm ready to attempt the same basic thing, but with a few more complications to make it more interesting. For the record: this was done with 1 skein of Woolease. I cast on 42 (divided: 2,10,18,10,2) and worked my way up to 144 stitches by increasing 10 stitches every rightside row (except for the last few rows where I stopped increasing the center front so that it didn't get too wide) My guage was 5 stitches/inch, 6 rows/inch, and the resulting sweater fits my 4 month (50% height/weight, so perfectly average) baby pretty well. I'm thinking she'll be able to wear it for at least another month or two, so I'd call it size 3-6 months.