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Olive Seraphina Shawl

Feb 2005crochetacrylic< $10mediumno. frogged.

Seraphina Shawl @ Doni's site

Ah yes, watch me as I try all the most popular things to make out of crochet and decide that I am "not a X person" where X is whatever legions of crocheters before me have produced en masse. In this week's edition, I discover that I'm not a shawl person. Because around the house, I can't do anything without free hands, and outside the house, I can't figure out how to wear a purse with a shawl, and I just can't cram enough stuff into my pockets.

And yet, I'm completely capable of throwing all that to the wind and doing this pattern again, because it's just so awfully purty, and it's just so neat how the increases just come on in beautiful mathematic progressions. That said, never, never again in run of the mill acrylic worsted. This pattern was just crying out for something pretty and drapey and I killed it by using some yarn I happened to have on hand. It's stiff as a board and as soon as I cease tugging on the ends, it sproings up and off. I tried adding straps to the tips of the top so that it could be tied around the waist to hold it in place, which kinda works, but looks dorky because the sides sproing straight out. Sigh. This one will definitely be frogged the minute I think of something better to do with the yarn.

UPDATE! - at last, oh happy day, the seraphina is no more... 2/3 of it has now been knitted into my 'tempting' variation w/crochet yoke.