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PROGRESS - my crochet project log

Oatmeal Ankle Socks

April 2006knitmerino wool< $5quickyes

These came about as a quick project intended to use up the left-overs from a sweater and as an excuse to try my hand at short rows. I used Wendy's Generic Toe Up Sock Pattern which has a crochet cast on. After I'd already done the first sock, I found her article on knitty describing several different ways to start the toe. I found the crochet cast on fine and dandy and completely satisfactory, but I'd still like to try some of the others to round out my skills. I'll also need to do some more reading about alternate short row methods, as I wasn't 100% satisfied with how my wound shortrows ended up looking here, but hey, at least no holes, that's the important part!

I actually had a lot of fun working on these socks -- rather more than I thought I would have -- fiddly dpns in all. There may be something to this knitted socks craze after all. Except for the part where I bound off just a smidge too tightly on one sock, these are pretty easy to get on and once on, they're comfortable, though not quite as squishy as I had expected from the merino. I am oddly impressed by how very sock-shaped they are. Who knew getting such a complex shape would not in fact involve me tearing my hair out!?! It actually all went pretty smoothly.

All in all I consider them a success, not to mention a confidence booster. For most of my life I have been barefoot every chance I get, so never quite understood the whole socklove phenom, but in my old age I've gotten soft (I don't think I could walk across the scorching cement in the backyard anymore on 110 degree days like I used to when I lived with my parents in the southwest! or over landscaping rocks!) so maybe there's room for a few more knitted socks in my overstuffed closet. We shall see! At the very least, they're good for using up left overs....

I am posting this write up about a month after actually finishing the socks. Somehow managed to forget to write about them! I've been working on stuff this month, but it's been a lot of start-and-fizzle. Still, there is hope I might actually finish something in the next couple three weeks, stay tuned!