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PROGRESS - my crochet project log

Moss Cardi

Mar 2007knitwool ~$20mediumdefinitely

Wanting to take another wack at the top-down method before I forgot what I'd learned doing my last project, I decided to turn around and try another one, this time in green, with a zipper front and 3/4 sleeves.

I did some math -- which turned out to be totally wrong... not because I did the calculations wrong, but because I wasn't thinking about the problem correctly. The width of the raglan segments at the neck is *not* a ratio of their widths at the bottom, because you're adding the same amount to each segment every two rows. d'oh! Better luck next time, thank you for playing. So it ended up being a bit narrower in the body and wider in the arm than I'd planned. But still within the realm of possibility.

Meanwhile, I was having a tough time finding a matching zipper. I finally bought a non-matching metal-toothed one and painted the fabric part green, which actually worked surprisingly well, but the zipper ended up being too heavy and it looked awful so I ripped it out and added a seed-stitch button band instead.

I'm not sure if the closure shown in the photo above is going to be the permanent closure -- I may go with multiple buttons at some point -- but it will do for now. I was hunting for something in my stash that would work, and found that for some reason known only to my inner pack-rat, I had saved the little plastic thing from a front-closing bra before throwing it away.

Meanwhile, I've opened a photo blog annex to this site, so you can see lots of in-progress photos here.