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Lacey Scarf

Feb 2005crochetacrylic< $5quickno. frogged.

This scarf was adapted from Melissa Leapman's Goaasamer Lace Afghan. I did 4 rows of it, tied off, then did 4 more rows of it starting at the base chain going the opposite direction, then did a some forgot-me-not-stitches in a band at each end followed by a few more rows of the afghan pattern.

It was made to use up some left-over yarn from my white vest, so I wasn't able to make it quite as long as I would have liked. For some reason, it's not very good wind protection either, and it has a tendancy to scrunch up on itself when left to its own devices, hiding the prettiness of the pattern. That could maybe be alleviated with some blocking, which I haven't bothered to do. I think this pattern would be extremely nice as an afghan; as a scarf, I give it only middlin' points. I might also like to try it as a top or sweater, as it's pretty stretchy, would probably cling pretty well without the need for shaping.