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Grape Harvest Doily


By this point in my crochet career, I was itching for a challenge. Something to prove that I really could read complicated patterns now. Now I'm not big on the old-lady froo-froo, and never really considered myself the kind of person who would decorate with doilies, but it's hard to deny that they are really cool looking in and of themselves. So with Christmas coming up, I thought of a friend who had some antique furniture and decided, hey, she might actually *like* one. And then I won't have to find a spot for it at *my* house. And so I looked at many, many free doily patterns on-line, and finally selected this one: Grape Harvest Pattern @ StitchGuide

And lo and behold, no problem. Just read the instructions, did what they said, and before you know it, I had this amazingly intricate thing growing out of my hook. I did use size 3 cotton rather than size 10, so it was a touch bigger than the pattern indicated, but I really didn't care.