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PROGRESS - my crochet project log

Crayon Scarf

Sep 2005crochetmostly acrylicinexpensivequickyes

Having finished up my hat, I still had a whole lot left of the 2 skeins of wool-ease and the 1 skein of simply soft, but not really enough for anything but the tiniest of shrugs, so I thought I'd try another scarf, as it has been 8 months since my last one. Surely a reasonable interval before adding once more to the scores and scores of crochet scarves proudly displayed all over the internet. Seemed like a good time for a little stash-busting too, so I threw in some blue and some green left over from other projects. And suddenly I had a box of crayolas.

I used the same stitch as I did on the hat, made up of 2-sc groups. It's amazing how different it looks when alternating the colors. It also looks slightly different on each side. The pattern is of course laughably easy. I chained 12 to make the fringe, then chained the length I wanted, plus 12 more. Then for the next row, I chained 12 again, and then started working into the base chain 12 chains from its end, working up to the 13th stitch from the other end. Rinse and repeat. The self fringing was very nice, as it eliminated the need to tie off and hide ends. The first few rows I went back and forth, and then I decided the stitch pattern would look nicer if I went in the same direction each time, so I did that. After a dozen rows or so it started to curl because of that, so I flipped and went the other direction to finish it off. Then I tied every two fringe-chains in a knot.

I'd read that wool-ease pills upon washing, so I was a little nervous sending this through as it is roughly 60% wool-ease, but at least after one wash, it looks just fine. And surprisingly soft and drapey. I don't know how many washes it'll take, but for now, I'm reassured.

This is now officially my favorite scarf that I've made. (Of course the competition is pretty low since I abandonned scarves as soon as I figured out how to do cooler things, but still.) Just in time too, I actually had to wear a jacket to walk to work yesterday, scarf-weather cannot be far behind!