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Yarn Chart

My shopping list of yarns I've bought in the past or am thinking about buying in the future, with relevant info and links to help me make up my mind. "Pretty" in the context of this chart refers to colors that appeal to me personally and that I would want to work with. ymmv. Usage notes to come, below.

YARNMATERIALTYPEyds per 50 gramsSKEINSPRICE PERDefault Hook/NeedleGUAGEcolors
Aunt Lydia’s Fashion CrochetCottonsize 3?150yd$1.87E/3.5mm?lots, so-so
Patons GraceCotton sport136 yds50g/136yd$5F/3.75mm/#66 s/ilots, many pretty
Lana Grossa LinoCotton/Flaxsport136 yds50g/136yd$5E/#35.75 s/iseveral, decent
J&P Coats LustersheenAcrylicsize 3150 yds50g/150yd$1.79E/3.5mm?few, hard to find
Red Heart SymphonyAcryliclight worsted (4)155 yds100g/310yd$4J/6mm/#84.75 s/iseveral, some pretty
Lily Sugar N CreamCottonworsted (4)85 yds71g/120yd$1.874.5mm/#75 s/imany, some pretty
Bernat So SoftAcrylicworsted (4)98 yds140g/275yd$3.89J/#84.5 s/idiscontinued
Caron Simply SoftAcryliclight worsted (4)93 yds170g/6oz/315yd$2-3H/5mm/#84.5 s/ilots, many pretty
Wool-easewool/acrylicworsted116yds85g/197yds$2.50J/#83.5/4.5many, some pretty
Lion Brand HomespunAcrylicbulky (5)54 yds170g/185yd$4-5J/6mm/#103.5s/imany, some pretty
YARNMATERIALTYPEyds per 50 gramsSKEINSPRICE PERDefault Hook/NeedleGUAGEcolors
Wool of the AndesWoollight worsted (4)110 yards50g/110yd$1.79#6-94.5-5lots, lots pretty
Andean Silk alpaca/silk/woolworsted96yds50g/96yds$3.29#7-84.5-5many, several pretty
Merino StyleWooldk(3-4)12350g/123yd$2.29#55.5many, several pretty
Shinecottonsport (3)110yd50g/110yd$2.29#3-56many, so-so
Andean Treasure alpacasport110yd50g/110yd$3.79#3-56many, all pretty
Palettewoolfingering (2)231yds50g/231yds$1.79#1-#37-8many, okay
Color Your Own (sock)woolfingering220y100g/440yds$3.99#1-37,8n/a
Shadowwoollace (1)440yds50g/440yd$2.29??several, all pretty
Alpaca Cloudalpaca lace (1)440yds50g/440yd$3.99??several, all pretty
Schoeller Stahl Micro Cableacrylic microfiberWorsted85 yards50g/85yards$1.98#10.54many, several pretty
Endless Summer ConnemaracottonAran Weight91yds50g/91yds$1.78#74.5many, all pretty
Peruvian Sierra Aranwool/alpacaaran91yds50g/91yds$2.98#84.5many, all pretty
Peruvian Uros Aranwool/lamaaran91yds50g/91yds$2.98#84.25many, some pretty
Peruvian Highland Woolwoolworsted109yds50g/109yd$2.25#6-74.75lots, many pretty
Austermann Mayfairrayon/acrylicworsted131 yds50g/131 yds$2.48#6-85few, so-so
Peruvian Alpacaalpacaworsted109yds50g/109yds$3.98#65 few, all pretty
Schachenmayr Only Stretchsuperwash/acrylic/nylonworsted 136yds50g/136yds$3.39#7-95few, some pretty
Endless Summer LunaRayon/Cottondk109yds50g/109yds$2.48#55.5 many, all pretty
Sonata Cottondk115yds50g/115yds$1.98#55.5 many, all pretty
Peruvian Collection QuechuaAlpaca/tenceldk122yds50g/122yds$2.98#55.5few, some pretty
Puruvian Highland Silkwool/silkDK122 yds50g/122yds$3.98#65.25many, many pretty
Espritcotton/elasticfingering100-186 yds50g/100-186yds$2.75#76.25many, many pretty
Peruvian Baby Cashmere Alpaca/Wool/Cashmerefingering218yds25g/109yds$2.98#37few, all pretty

worsted1260long hooded coat, long sleeves
worsted930medium cardigan, elbow sleeves, slight turn over collar, hip length
worsted800small cardigan, full sleeves, hip length, open front
worsted630medium shrug, half sleeves, waist length, open front
sport600cap-sleeved shell, hip length, v neck
sport450small tank, exposed back.
sport250really small tank, exposed back, short.
worsted560ribbed short-sleeved pullover. CO:144
worsted525ribbed short-sleeved pullover. CO:148
worsted400medium sized stockinette pullover, long sleeves, v-neck, medium length. CO:116
worsted350small stockinette pullover, long sleeves, circular-neck, shortish, tight. CO:100