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Blue Waves Variation Cardigan, part 1


I know, it doesn't look like a cardigan, it looks like a vest. And so it is. So far! I'm working on the sleeves to add to it, but since it was actually surprisingly cute and wearable as is, I figured, ::shrug:: what the heck, why not wear it like that for a little while? and I wanted to take pictures because I think I'd like to redo it to just this phase with some classier yarn. Something lacking in fuzz, like cotton or maybe rayon. Because I really like the way that shape works with that particular skirt, but that's more of a dress up thing, and Caron Simply Soft is decidedly dress down.

So this is what I get after a week of working on a variation of the white waves cardigan that would be more my style. So far, I have high hopes that once the sleeves are added, it'll be just about what I had in mind. And if for some reason the sleeves give me more trouble than I'd anticipated... well, I can always leave it here in vest form without too many tears. One thing I will have to decide is whether to add an edging (all edges are currently raw) with buttonholes, or just stick to this tie-front closure. We'll see what it looks like once the sleeves -- which are going to be long, and fairly form fitting if I can manage it -- are attached.

I altered the stitch pattern a little bit, just for variety's sake, but it basically works the same: solider dc section alternating with lacier section. For the complicated 2-row lace pattern of the original, I just substituted V-stitches, which is working out nicely. I used very similar decrease/increase strategies as the original, but made up my own "rapid decrease for armhole shaping" since the original didn't have any of that. I did drop the number of pattern repeats by 1 for the back (for a total of 4), but left it alone on the front parts (2 repeats each).

And just because I'm working hard on my new crochet-geekdom, doesn't mean I'm abandonning my long-standing photoshop-geekdom: I've started working on a set of crochet symbol brushes. And since the only way to verify that you've got a good set is to try to use it and see what's missing and what needs to be tweaked, I made a lot of diagrams for this project. It's actually kind of fun. And it might even be helpful; I understand the whole decrease strategy from the pattern so much better now that I've diagrammed it, with modifications to suit the modifications I made to the stitch pattern. I don't know what kind of cross-over there is between crochet people and digital art people, but I might eventually get around to releasing the set on this site if I get a sense someone might actually use it. Once I get the kinks worked out...


update! phase 2 is now complete. Houston, we have sleeves.