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Blue Symphony V-neck Pullover

April 2005crochetacrylicinexpensivemediuma few times when newly finished. now, no way.

In this episode, Our Hero learns that a book she bought used for $1 at the annual library booksale is selling for $100+ on-line and that Red Heart symphony is a swell yarn, even if it wasn't quite ideally used in this particular project.

This sweater was guided by instructions in Modular Crochet which really is quite a nifty book. Not a $100+ nifty, but nifty enough that I'm not racing to try to sell *my* copy. It is full of full page photos that absolutely *ooze* 70s. The funny thing is that aside from a few hopeless cases, a good chunk of the sweaters featured -- if they were to be put on women with modern hair styles & makeup and lit in contemporary fashion -- would look pretty up to date. Which is perhaps unsurprising because really the concept is simple and the content is pretty limited. Looking at all the possible variations is what inspires you, not so much the text once you've read the first couple pages of explanation (also accompanied by full page illustrations).

The basic concept is pretty simple. Instead of squinting at a pattern and worrying about which row you're on and counting stitches and what not, you just make rectangles bigger until they fit you. So you start by making a chain and holding it up to your body until it's the length you want it to be, then you start working stitches in the chain till it's the width you want it to be, then you sew the sides and start working sleeves until they're the length you want them to be, etc. Nothing fancy, but solid and easy.

My purchase of this book coincided with my desire to try some of the Red Heart symphony I'd seen my coworker knitting with. And because I wanted to keep the number of skeins down and make breakneck speed, I decided to use a DC-ch1-DC-ch1 approach which I kind of regret now. It's not bad persay, but I think the symphony would have been better served by being in either a tighter pattern or a lacier, prettier one. The bottom edge ended up stretching out and belling out a bit more than I would like, which I actually still don't quite understand as the body was worked in vertical rows. I'm not sure how then those rows ended up wider at the bottom than at the top. Gravity? Or maybe it happened when I was doing the single chain around the bottom to finish off the edge?

The pattern instructions indicate that you should form the sleeves by working in the round from the armhole down, but I tend to like sleeves worked lengthwise down the arm, so I did that instead. Must have mismeasured, because one sleeve ended up being longer than the other. I evened it out by making a longer cuff on the shorter sleeve; when you fold the cuffs back equally, it hides the discrepancy.

I'd like to use symphony and this pattern again, just probably not together....