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PROGRESS - my crochet project log

Black Thread Spaghetti Tank

April 2005crochetcottoninexpensivemediumat the beach

This top was based on Marija Spasojevic's Maria Top @ her site with edging based on Open Shell Edging @ About.com. My main deviation from her pattern was to do many more rows of the body to try to get it down to a semi-respectable length, and then to add the lacey edging at the bottom. Which turned out really quite well, considering that it was a measure implemented sheerly out of practical necessity. I looked all over town and on-line for more of the black cable thread I'd used for the top part, but to no avail. I really wanted it to come down past the belly-button though, so I got some fashion crochet cotton instead. It's slightly thinner, and I knew it would be obvious where I'd switched if I just continued the same pattern, so I had to change the pattern. I remembered the border I'd used before, so I decided to do that again. I ended up adding a few more improv rows to fill it out a bit at the end, since I didn't like how separated the motifs were.

The only problem I really encountered was that the top was a smidge too narrow for me. So rather than doing the right thing and frogging both cups, I just added a few extra rows along the sides. I think if I'd redone that, and maybe been a little more careful with the evenness of the holes around the cup edges while I was at it, it would have been stellar, instead of merely pretty cool. I suppose it's not too late, but having no more of the cable thread, I'm worried that I might end up just a little short, having to redo it over and over until I managed to finish up with just the thread I have. Plus I'd have to rip out the lining I added (black interlock, sewn in), though that wouldn't be such a big deal.

Right, should mention that this was my first lined crochet piece. Was very easy. I just laid it out flat, inside facing up, and rough cut some triangle-shaped pieces of fabric out of some stretchy black stuff I happened to have. I pinned them in place, making sure to keep them inside that outer line of spaces to maintain the lacey look, cut a little more closely, folded the edges over and then just tacked everything down with some standard sewing thread. I used the basting/quilting sort of sewing where you don't put the needle back and forth perpendicularly through the fabric, but rather just work it in at an angle with a little wiggle to bring the tip back up on the same side it went in. Flipped it over and wow, no matter how close I look, I can't see a single stitch coming through. Cool. It wasn't super see through to begin with, but I'm a lot more comfortable knowing that it's now definitely opaque.

I originally had it laced with a crochet chain as suggested in the pattern, but ended up switching in some narrow black elastic, sewn in a closed circuit, to make it easier to get in and out of.