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PROGRESS - my crochet project log

Aqua Mini Poncho

March 2005crochet?freefastbeach, maybe? haven't yet.

A number of years ago, my aunt, having correctly id'd me as a craftaholic, dug into her attic and handed me a few boxes and bags of left-overs from her own crafty days. Based on the entire collection, I'm guessing most of it was from the late 70s, but it could also have been 80s. Part of that collection were some small balls of yarn just a little bit thicker than size 3 crochet cotton. The balls were so tiny that I'd never bothered to try to do anything with them, but one day I was looking for a small take along project, so I just grabbed the largest ball and a small hook and started playing.

I ended up recreating my first poncho but with single DCs instead of sets since I didn't think I'd have enough yarn if I used it up too quickly. As it was, I'm surprised it got as long as it did before I exhausted the thread. I then used another ball (which was a slightly different color) to add a variation on Open Shell Edging @ About.com to the bottom.

I'm not wild about it, as it tends to twist around me something awful (I couldn't even keep it straight long enough to take a picture!) but it has a certain something. As long as I don't raise my arms. Then we're back to dorky.